Monday, October 12, 2009

Recently Featured at Bunnies By The Bay

The Goat Boy was recently featured at Bunnies By The Bay on their blog. Here is a copy of their post.

One day in the wonderful world of Bunnies By The Bay, a gift shop, The Goat Boy came to us with the idea of our two companies working together. Over the past two years, we have cultivated a special place for them in our "Good Friends Garden." Although its original story doesn't begin with us, but was created a long time ago...

An eager stay at home mother wanted to open a gift shop, but her husband always told her no. Even after all the refusals, she kept bugging him day after day. But just like the optimistic "Tadbit" says, "Bugs are vegetables too!"

One night while the husband was reading the thrilling tale of "Giles Goat Boy"; the wife began her routine of relentless pleas. Suddenly to her utter delight, the husband looks up from his book and declares that she can finally open the gift shop that she has been dreaming of.

The Goat Boy was born thirty-six years ago; cleverly nicknamed after the book that the husband was reading on that infamous night. After several successful years, the couple decided it was time to pass down the ownership of the store to someone new.

For the past nine years, Lisa and Dennis Curatolo have taken The Goat Boy under their wing, and have made it into the truly unique gift shop it is today. It is located in Owego, NY; which this year has been dubbed by Budget Travel Magazine the #1 coolest small town in America.

Over the past couple years, The Goat Boy has been a great representation of our products. Therefore we are delighted that they have created a commercial based on our line of baby gifts that they carry. The commercial will be broadcasted locally in their area of Central New York.

We want to say a special thank you to The Goat Boy for displaying our collections so wonderfully and creating a space for the story of Bunnies By The Bay to grow.

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